UAS Test Data Collection and Analysis Phase I (A19_A11L.UAS.50)

The FAA is mandated to establish a UAS research and development roadmap, including estimates, schedules, and benchmarks for UAS integration. This roadmap, the UAS Integration Research Plan, will be updated on an annual basis to determine the most up to date research needs, research projects underway, and research planned to reach FAA UAS integration milestones. This requirement will enable an enhanced test data collection framework and safety analysis tools to inform the UAS Integration Research Plan by enabling users to cross-check needs for UAS data/research with test data stored in the system as well as enabling analysis to determine if the data meets the need and whether additional data/testing would be required.

This effort develops an enhanced UAS data collection system that serves FAA needs to establish safety cases, evaluate needs for research, and align information with FAA research domains, the UAS Integration Research Plan, etc. This proposal is being submitted for Phase I (system design) of the two-phase research effort.




Mark Askelson
Exec. Director | Associate Dean of Research
Res. Inst. for Autonomous Systems (RIAS)
John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences
University of North Dakota
Email: |
Phone: 701.777.6880 | 701.777.6334


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