UAS Human Factors Station Design Standards (A7)

Drexel University is leading a team of experts from New Mexico State, The Ohio State University and the University of North Dakota to what should – and shouldn’t – be automated in UAS and how to display critical information to UAS crews. The University of North Dakota and New Mexico State will then research how to train and certify UAS crew based on these requirements. This research will help the FAA set standards for how critical functions are automated in a UAS ground station and how UAS operators receive vital flight data. It will also help the FAA decide how to certify and train UAS crew.




Ellen Bass
Interim Senior Associate Dean for Research & Professor
Phone: 215.571.4416


For more information, please refer to the following report appendices:

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix F

Appendix G


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