GPS & ADS-B Risks for UAS (A44_A11L.UAS.86)

Unvalidated or unavailable GPS and “ADS-B In” data poses security and safety risks to automated UAS navigation and to Detect and Avoid operations. Erroneous, spoofed, jammed, or drop outs of GPS data may result in unmanned aircraft position and navigation being incorrect. This may result in a fly away beyond radio control, flight into infrastructure, or flight into controlled airspace. Erroneous, spoofed, jammed, or drop outs of “ADSB-In” data may result in automated unmanned aircraft being unable to detect and avoid other aircraft or result in detecting and avoiding illusionary aircraft. For automated Detect and Avoid, a false ADS-B track can potentially be used to corral the unmanned aircraft to fly towards controlled airspace, structures, terrain, and so on. This research is necessary to enable safe and secure automated sUAS navigation and safe and secure automated sUAS Detect and Avoid operations.



William H. Semke, Ph.D.
Associate Dean | Professor
Academic Affairs
Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering and Mines
University of North Dakota


Participating Schools

Oregon State University
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