Advanced Materials (A53_A11L.UAS.93)

The proposed research offers innovative techniques to identify, assess and understand the varying types of composites and other advanced materials used in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). This intelligence is critical for developing proper standards and regulations for effective and safe adoption, production, and use of these advanced materials in safety-critical aviation applications. The research will focus on distinctive properties, risks, and requirements of the UAS/AAM industry that are not necessarily transferable from the traditional aircraft industry. The resulting work product will include a literature survey and qualified industry Blueprint secured from key industry partner engagements.




Gerardo Olivares Ph.D
Director | Senior Research Scientist
Computational Mechanics and Crash Dynamics Laboratories
National Institute for Aviation Research
Wichita State University
Phone: 316.680.1817


Participating Schools

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